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Improve your work atmosphere

As a working team, it is not only your aptitudes, but also your attitudes that will determine your altitude. This motivational conference will inspire yourself to become a team that cultivate a good gratification attitude. This activity is an in-house training allowing the elimination of attitudes that prevent teamwork. The objective is to ameliorate the work atmosphere so the work place becomes harmonious and stimulating.

Our group activity contains tips and tricks to prevent defensive attitudes that are without a doubt unproductive. Our motivational speaker, Raymond Arpin Surprenant will give you the will to be better and develop constructive attitudes, generating solutions.

Become a strong team that wants to succeed in a harmonious workplace.

  • No to criticism, make space for acceptation!
  • Quit being negative and become more constructive!
  • Stop seeing everything as a problem and find solutions!
  • Eliminate clans in the workplace and become a strong team!
  • Put an end to those ‘’loner ’’ egocentric types and make place for contributing colleagues!
  • Learn to set yourself aside for the betterment of another!
  • No more quitting, let’s start hiring now!