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Develop you full potential

Business training helping you to discover your type of personality as per Insight profiles. These personality tests are evaluation tools, they are not an IQ test. These tests allows each members of your team to find out what type of personality they have and pushes them to develop their full potential in accordance to the results.

This team consolidation activity allows a better communication, team work and productivity. A group activity to put in place a better and bigger communication and understand similitudes and differences between team members in order to work better together.

Explore your personality type and develop your full potential.Develop a better team dynamic through this incredible tool enabling you to know yourself a bit better and understand and learn more on your colleagues. Enable your team to be more tolerant and adapt more easily to your style.

  1. Fresh Blue – The conformist and quiet one: analytic, objective, cardinal, precise, systemic, reserved, diplomat and calm;
  2. Calm green – The stable and Buddha one: attentive, patient, soothing, calm, modest , likable and reassuring;
  3. Bright yellow – The optimist and influencing one: joyful, dynamic, demonstrative, happy, sociable, inspiring and enthusiast;
  4. Burning red – The audacious and dominant one: assertive, sure of himself, energetic, fast, hard headed, stringent, independent, leader, competitive and positive.

A powerful model and practical steps in order to break current obstacles and form a team that will be characterized by cohesion and efficacy.