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Who am I? Raymond Arpin

Raymond Arpin Surprenant

Raymond Arpin’s Mission : help and accompany individuals and/or teams to structure, harmonize and optimize their full potential

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Through an experimental approach amalgamating creativity, pleasure and human development, Raymond Arpin knows how to inspire progress and generate involvement which will give your team the spring it needs.
He inspires, guides and gives you tools to create a better version of yourself and help you keep the desire to be better each day. Leave with the motivation to develop your powers of creation and perseverance in order to unlock your full potential!

Having more than 1200 group activities in various organizations, Raymond Arpin creates and personalizes activities that mobilize and strengthen your team with days filled with strategic planning tailored specifically for you and your group.
A strong communication of your objectives and messages allows you to transmit content in a playful fashion, which introduces practical application that positively affects the participants.

Team mobilization specialist
20 years of success – 1200 projects realized.

Speaker, facilitator, and trainer
Chartered trainer Emploi Québec (1%)

 Professional host and comedian

Member of the National Improv League for ten years


Change management coach

Management coaching school

Énergiser et tonifier votre équipe







Solutions performantes pour énergiser et tonifier votre équipe.

  • Améliorez le coût de main-d’œuvre et la rentabilité de votre organisation.
  • Mobilisez votre personnel à focaliser sur les enjeux prioritaires.
  • Optimisez la performance et le rendement de votre équipe.
  • Célébrez la fierté et augmentez le sentiment d’appartenance.
  • Reconnectez les membres de l’équipe et augmenter l’entraide.
  • Accroître l’esprit d’initiative et stimuler l’équipe à être en mode solutions.
  • Rehaussez votre service client vers la pleine satisfaction et votre pleine prospérité.
  • 20 ans d’expertise en motivation, mobilisation et consolidation d’équipe.
  • Résultats garantis ou argent remis.